ACP Rusiate Tudravu: We will not condone people taking the law into their own hands


“There are legal ways of having your grievances heard which is why we will not entertain those who choose to take the law into their own hands”.

This is the message from ACP Rusiate Tudravu the Chief Operations Officer following the arrest of a 57 year old of Wainabama Village yesterday evening after he allegedly told a group of construction workers contracted by the Namosi Joint Venture to stop work and remove machinery from the Wainabama access road.

The incident occurred at about 9.15pm yesterday and the suspect is also alleged to have erected a roadblock with other villagers without lawful authority.

The suspect is currently in custody at the Navua Police Station as investigations continue.

Members of the public are being requested to consider their actions and not be easily influenced in doing something that will be deemed illegal, without fully understanding the situation of what they are being confronted with.

In this case the company in question has already been given approval to conduct their work in the area and people should not take the law into their own hands as there are legal means of addressing their grievances.



ACP Rusiate Tudravu Chief Operations Officer


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