ACS beats GHS in U18 Cricket


In the thrilling Under 18 Girls finals, Adi Cakobau School (ACS) showed their supremacy once again in the 2014 Cricket Fiji Secondary School finals yesterday afternoon.

Gospel High School (GHS) won the toss but opted to field in the first innings. ACS batted first with Dorahs and Titilia putting the score of 11 runs on the board for her team.Titilia was bowled out by Agnes of Gospel High School.

The toast of the first innings was Naomi with 13 runs and Agnes of Gospel High School was top wicket taker with 13.

ACS in the first innings managed to score 3 for 61 runs (10 overs) taking advantage of the hot weather. In reply, Gospel High School failed to take advantage and crumbled with only 2 for 51 runs.

Top Batmans in the second innings for GHS was Sainimere whilst top wicket takers were Aditamana and Ruci.

The game ended with the naming of the Senior Girls Central Division Team to play against the Western Division on the 30th of August.


GHS Beats ACS in U16 Cricket

Gospel High School (GHS) U16 team proved too powerful against Adi Cakobau School (ACS) in the Under 16 Cricket Girls finals yesterday.

GHS won with 3 for 42 (10 overs) beating ACS with one run.

Adi Cakobau School batted first with Tarasi and Maraia taking the pitch.  Tarisi was only able to score 3 runs and was bowled out by Maraia of Gospel.

Two minutes later Maraia of ACS was bowled out by Ana of Gospel. ACS finished with 3 for 41 runs (10 overs).

Top Batsman for the first innings was Vatuwai with 11 runs and the Top wicket takers Pele and Sainimere for GHS.

In the second innings, GHS were so adamant in beating their rivals they put in their best and Top batsman Maraia who seized 20 runs for her team followed by Sainimere with 6 runs.

Top wicket taker, Tarisi had 10 wickets to her name while Lusi and Vatuwai share second place with 9 wickets.

Tarasi has been named in the Central Division U18 team that is to meet against the Western Division U18 team on the 30th of this month.

RSMS wins U18 Boys Cricket Title

Ratu Sukuna Memorial School dominated in the U18 Secondary School Competition beating Assemblies of God Highs School with 21 runs.

RSMS won the toss but opted to field first. AOG Top batsman Taraiyasi was gained only 4 runs for his team.  6 AOG players were bowled out by RSMS.

AOG was only able to gain all out for 19 runs.

RSMS took the pitch in the second innings captained by the experienced Josaia Tikoicikobia accompanied by Eseroma.  Josaia plays for the National U17 Cricket Team.

RSMS chased the score and within only 3 overs was able to secure the trophy.  The top batsman, Josaia gained 15 runs followed by Eseroma with 3 runs.

RSMS won with not out for 21 runs.

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