Government’s initiative to enhance the agricultural sector, in particular in the livestock industry, will soon come to fruition with stakeholders confirming that positive results are being recorded.


This was highlighted today at a forum by the chief economic officer at the Ministry of Agriculture’s policy and statistics division Mr Pauliasi Tuilau.


“We are very encouraged to note that some industries are already posting record figures such as the honey and poultry industry,” he said.


“The honey industry is almost 100 percent self – sufficient while the poultry industry is around 80 – 90 percent. So we can see that we are getting there and it is indicative of Government’s investor friendly policies towards improving supply and at the same time, reducing our import bill.”


His announcement was supported by one of the largest Feed milling company’s representative Mr William Greig of Crest Feed Mills Limited.


“Right now 90 per cent of our feeds are for poultry while the rest is sold to other livestock farmers. But we are producing close to 14 tonnes of feed per hour so we can be sure that we have a sustainable poultry industry,” Mr William said.


“We are other players also coming into the poultry sector such as Rooster poultry, Toa Fiji and other small holder farmers which is an indication that the poultry sector is doing above expectations.”


Mr Tuilau said Goodman Fielder’s (Crest Chicken) is also exporting its products abroad especially in the region so that is also a good sign of the increase in production levels,” Mr Tuilau said.


“In the dairy industry, we are still far off but we have programmes, policies and initiatives in place to improve the dairy industry as well.”


Fiji’s current annual milk consumption is around 20 million litres per annum but the local industry is only able to supply only half of the figure. The nation’s annual dairy products (butter, yogurt and others) consumption, however requires around 70 – 80 million litres of milk.


Farmer, Joji Ramasima, said the potential opportunities for dairy farmers are huge and urged those in the industry and those planning to join the industry to work together towards meeting the demand.

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