Ambassador Stott Despoja Launches Girl Empowered Booklet


GIRL EMPOWERED, a new,practical guideto sexual and reproductive health especially for girls and young women in Fiji, was launched today by Medical Services Pacific.

Echoing the support received from Fiji’s Minister of Health and Medical Services, Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja,endorsed the initiative today, “ Icommend Medical Services Pacific for producing ‘GIRL EMPOWERED’. Information is powerful and with this booklet, girls will be able to make informed choices about their sexual health and know their rights”, said Ambassador Stott Despoja.

Reports from Fiji and the wider Pacific Island region, including the most recent call for action by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, suggest that there is not nearly enough information provided to girls and women about their sexual health.

The GIRL EMPOWERED initiative responds to this challenge. In plain language, the booklet covers the topics of greatest importance to girls and young women including body changes and puberty, sexuality and relationships, contraception, pregnancy, diet and body image, bullying, and lifestyle choices.

Copies of GIRL EMPOWERED will be available at the Medical Services Pacificoffice. Young people and stakeholders interested in ordering copies for their schools or communities can do so by emailing: or call 3630108. GIRL EMPOWERED will also be made available as a download atMSP’s

GIRL EMPOWERED was written and produced by Medical Services Pacific. It has received sponsorship support from Libra, a popular feminine hygiene product manufactured by Asaleocare for sale in Fiji and a number of other countries in the Pacific region.

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