Caption: Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar during her visit to Sigatoka Hospital on Monday.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Assistant Minister for Health Hon. Veena Bhatnagar this week met with residents of Sigatoka to look at ways of improving health services in the Western Division.

During the visit to various parts, the Assistant Minister highlighted Government’s commitment to make health services and resources accessible in all parts of the country.

“We all know that our healthcare is still improving and Government continuous to ensure that healthcare services are accessible to all Fijians despite where they live,” she said.

“The Sigatoka Hospital is small yet it covers a large population and towards this end Government recognised the need for more smaller health centres at strategic locations and many have been completed.”

She said the consultations were aimed at strengthening public and private partnerships to make health services easily accessible.

“Sigatoka is a tourist town and it is imperative to ensure that our services are of the highest standards. We encourage public – private partnership and we have taken all suggestions and comments to improve our services.”

Hon. Bhatnagar also visited the Sigatoka hospital meeting staff and talked to patients. She had a session with the Board of Visitors of the Hospital.

She will continue her consultations with the public this week.



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