The Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Hon. Veena Bhatnagar continued with official visits to health facilities in the Ra subdivision.

Visits were made to Waimaro Nursing Station, Ra Maternity Hospital, Nanukuloa Health Center and Rakiraki Hospital.

Mrs Bhatnagar had held a public health consultation in Rakiraki last month and after receiving feedback from the public, she has been following up with the necessary health facilities.

“Through these public health consultations we are able to address and identify issues that require immediate action. Hence these visits to various health facilities allow us the opportunity to see firsthand in which ways the Health Ministry can make necessary improvements”, said Mrs Bhatnagar.

The Assistant Minister for Health also met with Rakiraki Hospital Staff to further discuss issues raised during the public health consultations.

“I encourage you all to keep up with the good work as you work tirelessly to serve the public. However you must ensure that you are providing sufficient and timely health service delivery. Maintain a positive and friendly attitude whilst working so that the public in return can appreciate the service you deliver”.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Minister for Health also highlighted the importance of keeping health facilities clean and tidy.The Assistant Health Minister will be visiting health facilities in the northern division and maritime zones in the near future.




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