Aussies Delivering a Christmas Miracle


Caption: Animals Fiji first got on the Australian media radar with Poppy the dog who had accidentally had her nose macheted in a hunting accident and had reconstructive surgery by the Bondi Vet.Photo: STEPHEN COOPER.

The Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic (operated by the West Charity Trust Society), which provides emergency care for sick animals and plays a vital role in the management and control of Fiji’s feral cat and dog populations has 3 months to find new land and premises to operate from or it will be forced to close.

Since its doors opened 2 years ago, the Nadi Clinic has treated:

  • 6,500 sick and injured animals.
  • Rehomed 960 abandoned pets.
  • De-sexed around 2,300 cats and dogs.

Over this time it has established several outreach programs, where teams of volunteers are funded to travel to remote communities to control animal populations and to assist injured animals. These programs alone have reached:

  • Over 20 communities.
  • Meaning over 600 animals have been de-sexed.
  • As a result over 7 million fewer puppies and kittens will be born.

If the Clinic closes then the valuable out-reach programs will cease and there will be no pet doctor in the Western Division of Fiji, putting the lives of animals and the health of people at risk.

Australian teacher and entrepreneur, Abby Gee, along with the help of her students and Fiji Airways has pulled out all the stops to try and save Animals Fiji just in time for Christmas. “Animals Fiji is the sole shelter for the entire Western & Northern Divisions of Fiji,” states Gee.

“It receives no government funding. It’s obvious that we need to roll up our sleeves. They are doing enough on the front lines by tending to these sick injured animals. The rest is on us.”

Gee, a teacher at the Australian College of the Arts, commissioned the help of her students and together they launched their ‘Good Karma’ campaign and ‘Legit’ event. These were amazing student ran fundraising vehicles that garnered some amazing results.

On December 10 Fiji Airways flew  250kgs of food, medical supplies, animal toys, bedding, cat cages, Fuzz Yard products, and AU $3200 of worming tablets and kitten multilevel cages from Melbourne to Nadi Airport in an effort to save Animals Fiji. Gee is thankful for the support she has received from Fiji Airways, “Fortunately Fiji Airways have covered freight, which takes the financial weight off getting these much needed supplies to Nadi ahead of Christmas.”

Accompanying the products was a monetary donation of $5000, 100% raised by Abby and the students at Collarts.

“Generosity is a relative term,” states Gee. “When you see how much Animals Fiji do with so little, it compels you to do more.” A spokesperson for Animals Fiji has said, “Acts of generosity are what enable us to continue exist, do our work, and improve the lives of the animals of Fiji.”

To find out how you can contribute  to this cause visit Animals Fiji at



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