Australian investors were urged to take advantage of the huge untapped potential for Fijian businesses and join the many investors that have significantly benefitted from profitable ventures.

Speaking at the opening of the 2015 Exploratory Investment Mission this week , the Assistant Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism said that the mission seminar is an opportunity to share expectations from business communities in order to strengthen bilateral trade and investment relations between Fiji and Australia.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it was noted in the Fijian Trade Policy that there is huge untapped potential for Fijian businesses in the Australian market, which we have not taken advantage of yet. It is very important that the business communities in both our countries take serious steps to identifying the barriers and finding solutions,” Mrs Eden.

“We urge you all to seize this opportunity and join the many investors that have significantly benefitted from profitable ventures and have also contributed to the Fijian economy.”

The Minister added that the Fijian economy is currently experiencing an unprecedented growth rate.

“We have even better news as the Reserve Bank of Fiji has recently revised the growth forecast for 2015 from the initial 4.0 per cent to 4.3 per cent while the estimated growth for 2014 has also positively increased to 4.5 per cent from the anticipated 4.2 per cent,” Mrs Eden said.

“I must say this is better than the global economic growth for 2015, which is forecasted to be around 3.5 per cent.”

Australian investor and director of Heart of Fiji, John De Giusti who is part of a 10 member delegation manages a disability travel service and commended Fiji’s positive climate for investment opportunities.

“Fijians have a natural care and joy for people. I have brought a few groups last year and I have realised that Fiji is a perfect destination for people with intellectual disabilities who want to feel what real care is all about,” Mr De Giusti said.

“I have started on this tour and it is going well; I have Fijian caregivers based in Australia and I am here hoping to employ local staff.

“Mr De Giusti also said that funds from his tours go towards assisting disability organisations and special schools.”

The 2-day investment mission ends today


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