Baravilala’s contract as CEO of Fiji Rugby terminated


The Fiji Rugby Union Board has undertaken a review of the operations of the FRU business and intends to implement reforms and improvements to the administration, management and operations of the FRU business during its term.

“As a strategic and formal step in that direction, after due consultation with relevant stakeholders, the board has decided to exercise its option to end its employment contract with the current Chief Executive Officer, Mr Manasa Baravilala, effective immediately, and advertise this role at the earliest convenience,” FRU chairman Filimone Waqabaca said in statement released to media today.

According to the statement the chairman of the FRU shall necessarily assume certain executive responsibilities, as the Executive Chairman of the FRU, until a suitable replacement has been appointed as CEO of the FRU.

“I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Rugby Council and all stakeholders for their continued support of the board in its elected mandate to reform the operations of the FRU,” Waqabaca said.

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