Basil believes fire safety at the work place is paramount

CAPTION: Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji Porter Basil Hicks Navori centre listens in during the Fire Wardens training. Photo: SUPPLIED.

33 year old resort porter Basil Hicks Navori, of Yavulo, Sigatoka was one of 20 staff chosen for the Fire Wardens training which was conducted on the 20th – 22nd March.

Having joined the Outrigger on the Lagoon∙Fiji some 3 years ago, Basil is very passionate about this recent training that he has undergone.

“In terms of evacuation, our work at the front office of the resort is very important, because we need to be vigilant and knowledgeable about our assembly points and evacuation procedures,” the soft spoken Sigatoka native said.

“As a porter, I am one of the first front line staff at the resort to meet guests and my knowledge of fire safety is very important in case of any outbreak of fire whilst in the midst of guests. I must know how to put out a fire and at the same time ensure guests are safe,” Basil said with his famous wide grin.

Basil believes that more staff should be trained in fire fighting techniques and procedures, “We have 600 staff here and at any one time 600 guests and I believe all staff need to know fire safety and its applications.”

Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji Security Manager Leone Rokovada said,” The purpose of the training is to ensure that all our fire wardens are trained to the expected level of the National Fire Authority in order to provide a safe environment for our guests and Outrigger vuvale. Through this training our fire wardens will be able to identify various types of fires, the appropriate fire fighting tactics and the relevant types of equipment to use in each situation.  It will also teach participants the practical operation and application of the types of firefighting equipment installed at our premises.”

Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji was recently recognized as the Best Deluxe Accommodation in Fiji at the 2012 AON Excellence in Tourism awards, as well as the Best Fine Dining Restaurant.

The resort prides itself on delivering all the luxury of a five star property with the unforgettable warmth only found in a traditional Fijian village.

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