Birth Certificate Compulsory Requirement


To ensure credibility of member’s information and to safeguard member’s funds, the Fiji National Provident Fund requires its members to submit their Birth Certificates when making an early withdrawal of their FNPF funds.

The submission of birth certificates is compulsory with member’s first early withdrawal application received after 1st November, 2014. For those who have already provided this to the Fund since 1st November, need not resubmit their birth certificates for future early withdrawals applications.

FNPF Chief Executive, Mr Aisake Taito said submission of Birth Certificates is crucial to the updating of close to 400,000 members records held by the Fund.

“Birth certificate is a unique proof of identity for a Fijian and it is in the best interest of members to know that FNPF is mitigating every risk whilst safeguarding member’s records,” he said.

“There have been cases whereby some members have attempted to defraud the Fund by regarding their withdrawal applications, the Fund will not take this lightly and intends to maintain strict measures to ensure safety of every members funds.”

Members will also need to provide to the Fund birth certificates of those being assisted through the withdrawals such as member’s spouses, parents, siblings and children.

“The Fund appreciates your understanding and cooperation in this matter and we request members to bear with us during this process,” Mr. Taito said.

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