Boat incident claims lives

Caption: Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan and director of operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu pictured in Nadi today. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

Mariners and those living in the outer islands are being strongly advised to listen to weather advisories.

This follows an incident at around midday today whereby a 20 foot fibre glass boat powered by a 40 horse power engine with 4 people on board capsized.

The four people left Raviravi Village, Beqa Island conveying a sick person to Navua Hospital when the incident occurred. Two of the four people were rescued while Navua Police and boat owners from Beqa Island assisted in the search for the other two people.

Unfortunately the search ended in tragedy as the two other missing passengers were found dead this afternoon.

Chief of Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu upon returning from the Western Division with the Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan visited the scene of the incident upon which the bodies of the two missing people were retrieved.

As other details of the incident are still forthcoming, ACP Tudravu is urging mariners and those living in outer islands to be cautious and wary of the current weather conditions and avoid unnecessary travel.

ACP Tudravu says they’ve had to stop a group wanting to travel to an outer island for a funeral.

He is stressing the need for people to take ownership of their safety.


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