Boomerang here to play real 7s rugby

Caption: Boomerang Coach, Atunaisa Camaibau trains with his team at the Nawaicoba Public School grounds yesterday. Photo: JOSEPHINE NAVULA.


After so many years, Boomerang team is back to play real 7s rugby in the upcoming Nawaka 7s.

Boomerang was the late Senivalati Laulau’s team that started playing back at 1986 till 1990.

Coach, Atunaisa Camaibau, said he will be implementing on how sevens game is played to his boys after watching how the national 7s team played in Wellington and Las Vegas.

“All these Fiji 7s team that are going to play for our country are using the New Zealand’s pattern of playing, which is leaving no space but creating a gap,” he said.

Coach, Atunaisa Camaibau. Photo: JOSEPHINE NAVULA.

Coach, Atunaisa Camaibau. Photo: JOSEPHINE NAVULA.

Camaibau is the younger brother of the late Laulau who passed away earlier this year with a short illness at his home in Nawaka.

He stressed more on the game plan he has laid out for his team.

“As I always say, when there’s no gap, there’s a space and when there’s no space, there’s gap.”

“What I’m implementing  to the boys right now is what I’ve seen that the national teams are lacking, that is, they should look for gaps to run through, where speed comes in with strength. And where there’s space, they should sprint towards it to score a try,” Camaibau said.

Boomerang is one of the 64 teams participating in this year’s Nawaka 7s, that will be held on March 1 and 2.

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