Boosting Fiji’s Skills To Benefit the Future of Its Roads and People

Suva., 18 March, 2014 – A Fijian Roading technician is taking up the opportunity to significantly enhance his skills and knowledge in order to further benefit the delivery of the Fiji Roads Authority’s (FRA) planned Transport Network Programme.

This month, Kevin Singh from Lautoka makes the permanent move from MWH Global in Suva to the company’s New Zealand branch in Wellington having successfully applied for and won the role against a strong field of candidates from across the world.

In New Zealand, Mr Singh will continue to work on the FRA’s projects alongside world-class transportation experts. This includes ensuring the smooth flow of traffic during major sporting events at Laucala Bay Road in Suva, the Suva to Nausori Corridor Upgrade which will improve congestion on one of Fiji’s busiest roads and the road widening works in Lami Bay which will ease the growing traffic and pedestrian usage in the town’s centre.

“This opportunity and the progression to becoming a Road Engineering Technician is a milestone in my career. It will result in an immense boost to my technical skills and knowledge as I work with the experts in New Zealand on projects to ease Fiji’s traffic congestion and improve the daily lives of many people. I am proud to be a part of the work that is being carried out by the Fiji Roads Authority as it is significantly benefiting my own community and the whole of Fiji’s future,” said Kevin Singh, MWH Roading Technician.

“This is part of MWH continuing our commitment, as promised, to transfer our expert knowledge and up skill the whole transportation industry in Fiji,” said Mike Rudge, Fiji Roading Network Manager at MWH. “We will be filling Kevin’s vacant position here in Suva and employing another local Fijian who we look forward to training and developing with the necessary skills. There has already been a huge amount of knowledge transfer to local staff by MWH and its contractors working in Fiji. Alongside the FRA we are all working hard to bring about a sustained improvement to the country’s national roading network. This has an on-going benefit for the individual, communities and economy as it means the country will become more self-sufficient and, in time, have less reliance on foreign workers to deliver an efficient and effective transport system.”

MWH anticipates by the end of 2014 five of its Fijian staff will have benefited from its three month immersion style training programme held in New Zealand. Participants will have enhanced their skills in road safety management, bridge, structures and road design with a programme that brings a lasting improvement in capability.

In the next few years a major reseal and rehabilitation programme is to be implemented across Fiji’s entire road network together with the replacement of unsafe bridges and improvements to traffic signals and streetlights.

In January 2012, MWH Global was awarded a five year contract by the Fiji Government to assist it in establishing the new Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), and to build and maintain the country’s 10,000 kilometres of roads, its 1000 bridges and 44 jetties.



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