Breathalyzer Operators Course


“Are we good, honest and trusted Officers” – Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu.

The Breathalyzer Operator’s Course together with 26 traffic officers and 2 LTA officers started this morning at Fiji Police Academy.

ACP Tudravu while opening the workshop said implementing positive changes should be aligned and every police officer should be well equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills in order to provide quality policing services to the people and the vision for the organization is to be Force for the Nation 2014.

“The Breathalyzer Operator’s Course is a specialized technical course specially designed for the traffic police to attain proficiency in the use of breathalyzer equipments stipulated under Section 104 of the Land Transport Act of 1998”, Mr Tudravu said.

“While undergoing the course you must ensure that you acquaint yourself with the relevant laws and procedures and acquire practical skills in the use of breathalyzer to secure successful convictions of all arrests taken to court”, Mr Tudravu added.

However with the new technology showcased, the Chief Operations Officer stressed the success in delivering service can only be achieved through commitment, faithfulness, honesty and hard work.

“As traffic enforcement officers we must all ask ourselves this important question as to what contributions we have made towards ensuring a safer road environment and promoting the safety and security for the people of the country we have taken allegiance to service”.

ACP Tudravu highlighted the importance role traffic police play in transforming and creating a healthy and friendly road culture through consistent education, awareness and enforcement initiatives.

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