BSP Go Green looks beyond the rubbish collection


BSP’s new approach to Go Green has been received extremely well by thousands of students across Fiji who are opting for much more than just picking up rubbish.

“While we have sustained the level of interest for the annual school clean up campaign, we are even more amazed at the enthusiasm shown by schools to create art out of the rubbish collected on the day,” said BSP Head of Marketing, Mr Nirdesh Singh

BSP embarked on a mission to extend the lifetime of the “Go Green fever” this year by encouraging schools to look beyond the rubbish and realise the potential beauty it can yield through art.

We have seen schools showcase their ability to be creative at national competitions for creative arts such as the Tadra Kahani and many others.

“We hope that with our message of “Reduce, Reuse and Respect” we can encourage new environmental perspectives that can be easily adopted by today’s children and represented through the art they submit,” commented Mr Singh.

The Go Green Art competition will require schools to reuse some, if not all, of the rubbish collected on 20 September, 2013 to create art. Schools will compete within their districts where $300, $200 & $100 shopping voucher winners get rewarded. These winners then progress to the national level of competition where the top 3 schools receive 6, 4 and 2 computers respectively.

This art competition is being co-ordinated in partnership with the Ministry of Education, iTaukei Affairs Board through its provincial offices, Fiji Times, Fiji TV and the entire BSP Branch network which is the largest in Fiji. Only schools who participated in the Clean-up campaign and opted for the art competition

“We are very grateful to school administrators for allowing the evolution of Go Green into their schools. Without your support, this important value of respecting the environment, reducing and reusing rubbish where possible can never reach full fruition,” concluded Mr Singh.

Registration for Go Green has closed and preparations now begin for the Inaugural Go Green school art competition. For more information, please call 132 888

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