BSP Online Business Banking launched

Caption: BSP Senior E Channel Business Manager, Ms Racheal Elaise presents BSP Online Business Banking functionalities to the media.Photo: SUPPLIED BSP MEDIA


Bank of the South Pacific today has officially launched Fiji’s most secure Online Business Banking solution delivering a cutting edge electronic banking service.

The business sector has expressed concern for the safety of their financial information and traditionally they prefer manual processes to safe guard against malice.  The BSP on-line product is envisaged to boost confidence in online banking within Fiji’s business community.

BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy said, “We are the first to introduce an online banking solution with world class Factor 2 Authentication because we agree with the customer view of making security a top priority.”

The BSP Online Banking service for both personal customers and businesses is definitely a leader in the banking industry. The facility is truly a secure and globally accessible product which makes it ideal for those business directors or senior financial officials to access and operate the facility at any time and from anywhere in the world.

While the bank concedes that it is not the first to deliver online banking in Fiji, Mr McCarthy is adamant that it benefits the customer to learn from our peers.

“One of the good things of not being the first in the marketplace is that you can make sure your product is the best because you know what your competitor is offering,” he explained.

BSP Online Business Banking is a simplified; clutter free, cash management tool that allows business owners and their staff whom they authorise to go about their everyday operations with a new and improved 24 / 7 banking freedom.

The BSP service has the basic online banking offering of viewing real-time account balances, viewing and downloading transaction history, and paying bills.

As the only bank in Fiji that is expanding its footprint, BSP is  confident that the service will be received well by its customers who currently enjoy BSP Premium and BSP First in a world class banking environment.

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