Bus Fire at the Suva Bus Station

CAPTION: Firefighters extinguishing bus fire near the Suva Flea Market.


The National Fire Authority (NFA) is urging bus operators to conduct proper and timely maintenance of their buses.

NFA is again raising its concern after attending to a bus fire incident at the Suva Flea Market where a Raiwaqa Bus caught fire.

NFA Suva received the fire emergency call at 1207hrs and immediately responded. Upon arrival at 1211hrs, the fire crew saw the Raiwaqa bus on fire.

There were only a few passengers in the bus and they had evacuated the bus safely when the fire team arrived.  The driver of the bus too did not suffer any injuries and had safely evacuated the bus.

So far this year, NFA has attended to three bus fire and we have been fortunate since there has been no severe injury or death as a result of these bus fires.

“It is important that bus operators and drivers conduct proper and regular maintenance works on their fleet of buses and drivers must always check their buses before driving every morning,” NFA CEO John O’Connor said.

“Bus operators and drivers should maintain their buses to such standards so that there is no fire risk.

“And it is also particularly important that bus operators and drivers check the engine compartment of their bus and electronic devices in the bus as any defect from this section can lead to a fire incident,” Mr O’Connor said.

NFA, LTA and Police are conducting a joint investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

Mr O’Connor added that NFA will work with Fiji Police and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to implement any improvement to make buses safer for the members of the public.

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