Caption:Fijians attended in large numbers to farewell 2014.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Golden Peacock Banquets & Kebab Korner  at  24989 Santa Clara St Hayward, CA, provided the fitting venue, as close to a hundred member s of the Fijian Community converged and the famous venue to bid farewell to 2014, the ‘Year that has Been’, and welcome 2015.

Dressed in colorful and flashing party attire, men, women and even children mingled as a family in this famous Hayward party venue for a well deserved evening of celebration.

Norfolk Strikers President, Aten Singh said that this is the 10th year that the Club has been hosting such an event for the Fijian community, but this year’s celebration was the biggest and most colorful ever.

 Vice Presidents  Salesh and Rocky Buksh added that even party dwellers who had gone to attend other New Year celebrations ended up joining them.

“US Fiji Times cameras were kept busy flashing all night as people of all ages were eager to have those final moments of 2014 captured”, Mr Buksh added.

Manager Arun was also surprised at the attendance, adding that most people preferred to attend their gathering despite the fact that a similar celebration was organized that night by the Fiji American National Association (FANA)

“They were so delighted to be us also and felt that the atmosphere here was suitable and certainly enjoyable for them”, Manager Arun said,

He added that the gathering was probably the largest for any Fiji New Year Party in California and one where people of all ages had enjoyed sumptuous food and drinks and a host of entertainment.

“We even had people turning up after attending other organized parties in the Bay Area, many of whom had learnt through Facebook earlier that evening, and how our party was hope professionally organized, so they all ended up here to welcome the New year with us all”, Manager Arun added.

The colorful decorated venue, a variety of dishes to choose from, entertaining live band and stage of the art lights, added more sparkle too an eventful and memorable celebrations.

Meera Ramakrishnan and  Geetesk Iyer  were well backed by a professional band, who certainly kept everyone on their feet, as a host of other entertainers sang songs of joy and delight throughout the night, as families and friends rejoiced to usher in the new year.

Manager Arun is grateful to all those that had attended, adding that the spirit of unity and friendship witnessed, was certainly a good start for all Fijians for 2015.





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