Call for greater human security

Two precious lives were lost on Tuesday at the Suva Bus stand and in light of that, we as a movement of women’s human rights and human rights defenders call for greater human security, including specifically for women and girls, and especially in public spaces.

Under the Fiji laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, right to life and human security is guaranteed. The fact that a 46-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter were killed while trying to negotiate their way through a public bus stand is unacceptable and tragic.

“We need to urgently direct attention to the long-term and unaddressed calls by many of us for adequate paths, crossings, markings and the upgrade of infrastructure of bus stands, around Fiji. Majority of Fiji citizens, from the elderly to children, are users of public transportation and their safety should be paramount,” said Virisila Buadromo, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement’s Executive Director.

“We call for stronger regulations for the public transport industry, including legal obligations for regular and updated driver training, and stronger sentences. What happened yesterday should never have happened, and must never again ” said Shirley Tagi, Coordinator of DIVA for Equality.

The Movement also calls for stronger public presence of the Land Transport Authority officials at all hotspots in urban and rural settings, with special attention to the main city/town bus stands.

“We must recognize the important role that women play in Fiji and we call for decent city infrastructure and rights of womenwith all diverse roles and responsibilities to have cities and rural environments that are safe, accessible and secure. We urge all political parties to make firm commitments on gender equality, women’s rights and safe cities, as they campaign for the upcomingelections,” said Buadromo.


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