Canada Fund contributes another $85,000

Caption: The visitors with FRIEND Associate Director Dr Jone Vuli and FounderDirector Sashi Kiran

FRIEND has received around FJD 85,000 for equipping it’s newly constructed Food Production Facility in Tuvu.

Canada Funds Political and Economic Counsellor, Christian DesRoches, and Policy and Public Affairs Officer Chantal Hickey visited FRIEND this week to officially handover the equipment for  Sue Ni Vakhatokho.

The Quality Control facility for production of Friend’s Fiji Style Products was constructed with assistance from the European Union after FRIEND HQ sustained major damage in the wake of TC Evan in December 2012.

“We are very grateful that Canada Fund has stepped in to help us equip the facility. This includes cooking facilities, stainless steel fittings to ensure compliance with International Food Regulations, specialist equipment like refractometers for large scale jam production and much more,” says Founder/Director Sashi Kiran.

“ We have had a long standing partnership with the Canada Fund. When FRIEND first started they had provided office equipment for start up.  IT was the only donor to offer assistance to FRIEND to rebuild its capacities after we lost almost everything in TC Evan. While other donors provided funding for us to continue our work in communities, Canada Fund was the only one to allow us to replenish and add on to the much needed office equipment like desks, chairs, computers etc. Now they have come forth with more funds to allow us to equip our newly constructed Food Production Facility.”

“More than a year after the near total destruction caused by Cyclone Evan in December 2012, we are definitely on a firmer footing but there remains a long journey ahead for us as we work with limited resources to rebuild our facilities for more efficient service delivery to our people,” says Ms Kiran.




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