Casino Developers Pay Penalty to Fiji Government


The developers of the FJ$290 million casino project One Hundred Sands Limited yesterday paid the Fijian government a penalty of US$100,000.

Proposed sketch of Casino at Denerau Island in Nadi.

Proposed sketch of Casino at Denerau Island in Nadi.

According to the terms of the license, the company has to pay the Fijian government a total of US$100,000 per month from the 1st of this month until the casino is completed and opened for business.

This comes after the penalty clauses have started for the company for not opening the casinoin Nadi by the 1st of this month as the company had announced earlier in April.

OHSL Chairman Larry Claunch said,” the project was quite complicated and that the company was securing proper funds for the project from its overseas investors while construction on the project is due to start this year which should take around 15 months to complete.”

Meanwhile, the land on Denerau Island which was supposed to be developed is left bare at the moment with some grading done by a digger.


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