Celebrated Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and Jesse Randhawa Invited to Represent Bollywood Dance Community at Cannes

A number of high-profile 2014 awards hopefuls and an eclectic group of Hollywood stars and Bollywood stars will make their way to the 67th Cannes Film Festival this year, joining the annual parade of global auteur which begins May 14 and ends on May 25. Bollywood stars on the coveted red carpet and films are India’s offerings at the prestigious event this year, joining this prestigious list is world-renowned Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and his super model wife Jesse Randhawa who have been invite to represent the Indian Bollywood dance community at the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

Last year this glamorous couple won the hearts of people with their style and grace and made it to the best dressed list as well. At the festival they were introduced as the ‘Exotic Indian Dancing Couple’, this year again they have been honored to walk the red carpet for five nights.

About their appearances and involvements at Cannes film festival, the dynamic and good looking couple did not divulge many details, but just mentioned that the clothes they will wear will be designed by Rohhit Verma of ‘Rohhit Verma Haute Couture’ and ‘More Mischief’ designs by Deepak Shah, their longtime collaborators.


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