The Chinese Naval ‘Peace Ark’ hospital ship is expected to visit to Fiji later this week to provide relevant medical services for Fijians.

The vessel is a first of its kind and is construction was designed to be a medical vessel and to provide services to communities and countries.

Political Counsellor at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Fiji Yang Zhaohui highlighted that the visit will consolidate and strengthen the traditional friendship between people in China and the South Pacific countries.

“The ship will provide humanitarian health services to the people and they will serve 400 outpatients for each day during the visit,” Counsellor Zhaohui said.

“Serving as peace messenger, the Peace Ark embodies China’s New Security Concept with peace, development and co-operation.”

Mr Zhaohui adds as it fourth session of the “Mission Harmony”, the PLA Navy Hospital Ship Peace Ark will visit Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea. This is major military exchange activity between China and the South Pacific countries this year.

The ship has about 100 medical staff in 22 specialties, among which there are 15 clinical departments such as respirations, internal medicine, digestion internal medicine, orthopaedics and general surgery.

The vessel also has 7 auxiliary departments such as blood transfusion department, radiology department and pathology.

The naval vessel is expected to arrive this Friday on the 22nd till the 29th of this month and will open to  members of the public for visitation purposes.



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