Chinese police officers arrive for attachment

Caption: The acting commissioner of police Ravi Narayan is flanked by the two Chinese officers Lu Chen and Han Xiao Feng.

By Salote Qalubau

Two Chinese Police Officers were welcomed by the Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan and his Chief Officers at the Fiji Police Headquarters on Sunday morning.

Chief Superintendent Lu Chen Director of the Anti -Crime Division Criminal Investigation Department and second Class Inspector Han Xiao Feng are in the country on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The two Chinese police officers will be attached to the Suva, local police department for the next six months. Chief Superintendent Cheng and Inspector Han arrived in Fiji on Sunday, 9th– February from China and will spend the next few days visiting all police departments familiarizing themselves with their daily operations.

The officers are members of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and both have extensive experience in various policing units.

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