Cities to clash in Crime Prevention Week

Source: Fiji FA Media
Fiji Football Association has approved Suva and Lautoka to play in the Crime Prevention week competition. This was confirmed by Fiji FA CEO Bob Kumar.
Suva will travel to Churchill Park tomorrow to play against Lautoka in the challenge match in the Crime Prevention week. This was confirmed by the Suva boss Mahend Prasad.“We will be travelling down to Lautoka tomorrow to play in the challenge match against Lautoka which is organised by the Crime Prevention community in the west. The preparation has been going well under the leadership of the winning coach Gurjit Singh,” Prasad said.

Suva coach Gurjit Singh said he will take the match as build up towards the National Football League matches.

Suva played in the competition for the first time last year and the whites defeated Lauotka to win in the competition for the first time and will be out to defending the trophy again when the two cities meet.

“It is a perfect ground for me to test the news players who have joined us in the last transfer window and I will surely be experimenting most of the players in the different places which will give me the fair idea when playing future matches. We are having good turn out so far and I am happy with the attendance of the boys.” Former national coach said.

The match kicks off 8pm Churchill Park tomorrow. Suva is the defending champions.

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