Class five student latest road victim


A class five student has become the latest road victim after he was allegedly hit by a vehicle driven by a 43 year old man yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred around 1645hrs at 8 miles, Makoi. The suspect is in custody while the vehicle he was driving will be inspected today. The road death toll stands at 19 compared to 20 for the same period last year.

Both drivers and pedestrians are once again being reminded on the need to be safe and cautious while on our roads at all times. Drivers in particular must be aware of the busy periods during a day take extra precaution during that time in light of the heavy traffic.

In particular knowing the times when there is a lot of movement of students is something drivers should be well aware of and take extra precautions during these hours.

The Fiji Police will continue to do [their] part in issuing advice about road safety however the responsibility rests on each individual.


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