Coca-Cola signs up as official beverage and refreshment provider for FRU

(RUGBY HOUSE – SUVA) – 29 SEPTEMBER 2014 – Coca Cola Amatil Limited (CCA) has today become the Official beverage and refreshment provider for the Fiji Rugby Union with its two key Brands of

“PowerAde Isotonic Sports” drinks and “Zero Calorie Coke Zero. As an FRU sponsor, Coca Cola Amatil Ltd will supply beverages and isotonic sports drinks to the Fiji National Men and Women’s Teams and also for local key FRU tournaments.

Coca Cola Amatil Fiji Ltd, official producers of Powerade sports drink in Fiji and Zero Calorie Coke Zero confirmed the sponsorship adding that it will provide the much needed Powerade isotonic sports drinks and sparkling beverages for the National teams and key local FRU tournaments.

The sponsorship is worth over $160 k per annum and includes the provision of sparkling beverages and Powerade isotonic sports drink, Powerade Drink Carriers, Drink Bottles and Drink Barrels for all the national teams including the women’s team, Fiji School Boys, in local camps and also at major FRU local tournaments.

A significant beneficiary so far of our sponsorship has been the victorious Fijian teams, the HFC Bank Farebrother Sullivan trophy that has been played over the last 5 weeks including the Skipper Cups teams who played from the quarter finals to the finals engaging in Coca- Cola products of Powerade Sports drinks and Zero Calorie Coke Zero.

GM Coca- Cola Amatil Fiji Mr Steven Jowell said today’s event marks another important mile stone for Coca- Cola Amatil Fiji. It’s a significant step and investment which we are fully committed to in the right direction, linking Fijis best loved brands “Fiji Rugby and Coca – Cola “with our lead brands “PowerAde Isotonic Sports drinks and “Zero Calorie Coke Zero” to support Fiji Rugby.

“Our brands which are Fijian made, reaffirms our commitment to Fiji, ensuring all Fijian rugby players at all levels will engage with our top international brands to lift their performance on and off the field.

“We know just how passionate all Fijians in Fiji and around the world love Fiji Brand of Rugby whether it be in 7s or 15s , and now we can equally contribute to that passion to drive our teams and individuals to greater and higher performance as we gear up for the Rugby World Cup , Olympics and beyond.

“Our sponsorship does not end here but our people at Coca- Cola who are committed to this, will ensure that the same passion runs through our veins for us to successfully execute what we believe will be an exciting 5 years and more.

“We hope that our Fiji Rugby players in local and National levels will continue to be an inspiration to all of us in Fiji engaging and committing to active lifestyle’s which is part of our 2020 vision of engaging “100,000 Fijians into active ,healthy lifestyles “ supported by Fijis best loves brands made in Fiji ,” Mr Jowell said.

“This sponsorship is added boost to Fiji Rugby and will run parallel to our sponsorship of the National Secondary Schools rugby “The Coke Zero Deans” which we have been sponsoring since as early as 2006.

Mr Jowell said CCA have invested so far well over half a million dollars in the last nine years and will continue to do so as part of their sponsorship for the Coke Zero Deans Rugby competition.

He also wished the Vodafone Fiji 7s team well as the start their preparations for the international legs of the IRB series and said that the timing couldn’t have been better.

Fiji Rugby Union Chief Executive Officer Radrodro Tabualevu acknowledged Coca Cola’s timely sponsorship and the company’s desire to assist the national sport.

“I would like to thank Coca-Cola for this timely sponsorship as it will assist the National teams’ with preparations for the IRB World 7s Series, IRB World 7s Women’s Series, November Tour, local tournaments and also the 2015 Rugby World Cup and Fiji 7’s Roadmap to the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“Rugby in Fiji is a sport that embraces diversity and at the Fiji Rugby Union we are always grateful to the many sponsors that come forward to support the National teams in reaching their goals.

“Today Coca-Cola has shown how much they value rugby in our community with their generous sponsorship.

“The Fiji Rugby Union is proactive in becoming involved in the community at a national as well as local level and we thank Coca-Cola for extending their sponsorship towards the FRU local tournaments which is a major boost for the Provincial Unions,” Mr Tabualevu added.

The Coca Cola sponsorship launch was hosted by the Uprising Beach Resort in Pacific Harbour.


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