Caption: Public Service Commission Staff celebrated Diwali this week.

The Public Service Commission staff celebrated the festival of lights this week with a special emphasis on spreading the message of unity and cohesiveness.

The permanent secretary for PSC, Parmesh Chand said the celebrations showed the unity of staff working together for better service delivery to the people.

“It is a very auspicious occasion for PSC to celebrate Diwali. PSC organised a competition for staff and divisions on best dressed and best decorated units. We also had lunch for staff,” Mr Chand said.

The National Productivity and Training unit were the main judges for the PSC Diwali celebrations.

It was a double celebration for PSC as Mr Chand was also one of the recipients of the Civil Service Medal awards.

The awards were revived after a lapse of ten years.

Mr Chand thanked his staff for the hard work and commended the reinstallation of the awards.

“I dedicate this award to all the staff and PSC for the hard work put in to provide service to the people. I’ll continue to serve to the utmost of my ability and continue to work for the PSC to carry out the Prime Minister’s vision to serve the country.”


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