Caption: Commissioner-Central-Mr.-Meleti-Bainimarama-pictures-at-the-Central-Divisional-Heads-Meeting

The newly appointed Divisional Commissioner Central, Mr Meleti Bainimarama, has called for more communication and dialogue inorder to continue Government’s development program in the Central Division. 

At a meeting with Central Divisional Heads from various government ministries and departments today, Mr Bainimarama stressed the need for more dialogue and integration. “Dialogue is necessary between ministries for proper planning. We need to listen to each other and keep our ears on the ground”.

He plans to have stronger integration of government plans and projects in the Central Division. He also emphasised that the efforts of government agencies must be in line with the Integrated Rural Development Framework. 

“Let’s bring our various development plans to the table and see where we can complement each other”. 

“From next month, we will begin the formulation of a Divisional Development Plan based on all our contributions”. 

The meeting was held at the Serua Provincial Conference Room in Natata Navua. 

More than twenty (20) key government officials from the Central Division were present.




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