Concern over pine fires



To help reduce the high number of pine fire cases received in the Western Division strict measures are now being put in place by the Fiji Police Force.

Public and Media Relations Officer, Fiji Police

Public and Media Relations Officer, Fiji Police

Deputy Divisional Police Commander West SP Verani Nakauyaca says the high number of reported pine fires is becoming a concern considering its associated costs.

“Over the last three months we have noted an increase in the number of reported fires and after consultations with Fiji Pine we have decided to do something to curb the incidents”.

“We will be more vigilant in policing this issue and people are being forewarned that they could be facing charges if they are found to be intentionally causing these fires”.

The new measures include;

1)   Access into Fiji Pine leased areas will be restricted and all visitors will have to seek approval and those caught trespassing could face prosecution.
2)  No one will be allowed to light a fire within a 1 kilometre radius of all Fiji Pine leased areas
3)  Farmers must ensure their livestock remain within their boundary

Meanwhile, SP Nakauyaca says these measures are being put in place because of the concern by relevant authorities. He is urging people to be more cautious about such issues considering the associated costs not only to people’s livelihoods but the impact on the economy

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