Consciousness-Based education promoted in Fiji

CAPTION: Doctor Bevan Morris has been president of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa for 32 years. Photo: GOOGLE.

The president of Maharishi University of Management in the USA Dr Bevan Morris, an expert on Consciousness-Based Education, visited Fiji to present the success of Consciousness-Based education (in 53 countries) in creating stress-free schools.

Dr. Morris is describing to senior Fijian educators how Consciousness-Based education develops the full brain potential, and promotes higher academic performance, and increases creativity, self-confidence and harmonious behavior in students, leading to greater success in all areas of life.

Dr. Morris pointed out that educators in Fiji as everywhere are trying in achieving better learning and more positive behaviour for all schools, and here is now a scientifically verified method to achieve that.

Dr Morris described how the university he has been president of for 33 years, Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA, has students from 88 countries. They live as a world family, in harmony, and they graduate with higher consciousness, more creativity and a higher quality of life.

This is the result of their twice daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, and also advanced techniques such as the TM-Sidhi Program, to awaken the total brain potential, and develop their consciousness, which is the container of knowledge.

In Great Britain the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, a Consciousness-Based education school, so impressed the Ministry of Education with its high exam results, and the lack of bullying, they made it a free school, i.e. the Ministry of Education pays tuition, salaries and construction costs.

Dr. Morris invited everyone to visit the Maharishi School in Melbourne, Australia and see and feel for themselves the happiness and alertness of the students. The teachers find it difficult to get the children to go home at the end of the day because they like so much to be at school.

Father Gabriel Mejia, a Catholic priest in Medellin, Colombia, is building a school for 1500 students selected from amongst homeless youth, with the aim to end 30 years of civil war, through the harmony in national consciousness that students will create by their group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques. In Mexico, in Oaxaca province, 8,000 children from the Mayan tradition are practicing these technologies of peace twice a day at school.

The David Lynch Foundation from the US (founded by the famous movie director David Lynch) has funded 300,000 people around the world to learn this technique; from India, to Latin America to inner-city American schools. Carlos Garcia, a School Superintendent in San Francisco says: ‘Every student has the right to have this program. This is a civil rights issue.’

Modern education focuses on the known—the subject matter—but the knower, and the process of gaining knowledge are not attended to.  Consciousness-Based education develops the knower, process of knowing and the known, simultaneously.

To do Transcendental Meditation you sit comfortably, close the eyes, and practice a simple, natural technique whereby the mind settles down and reaches a state of inner peace and happiness. As the mind settles down, breathing becomes softer, and the body deeply relaxes into the chair. Stress hormones in the body becomes less, and you experience a state of restful alertness.

Brainwaves (especially alpha frequencies) show a great degree of coherence, demonstrating more holistic brain functioning—mobilizing the hidden reserves of brain potential. Higher brain wave coherence is correlated with greater creativity, efficiency of learning, verbal intelligence, principled moral reasoning, better mental health, higher academic performance, and greater neurological efficiency.

Transcendental Meditation is completely different from other forms of meditation, such as concentration.  Dr.Morris explained that Transcendental Meditation is unique, both in its universal and scientific approach, and because it involves no concentration. It is an effortless technique, easy to learn and practice.

The origins of this form of meditation are lost in antiquity, yet in our modern era Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has passed on this practical technique he received from his teacher as the simplest, most efficient means of self-development. He encouraged scientists to study the results of Transcendental Meditation through systematic research, leading to by now over 600 scientific studies at 250 universities and research institutes in 35 countries. Maharishi can be considered as the Einstein of the field of consciousness.

Dr, Morris explained in conclusion that if you can think, you can meditate. And learning Transcendental Meditation you do not have to change your beliefs, diet or life style, just add the technique twice a day for 20 minutes to your existing routine, and enjoy the benefits. There are seven steps to learning, two hours a day over one week, and then a four month follow-up program, including weekly checking of your meditation.   Please contact Mr. Hassan Ali at 92 53 606 or 666 2324 and if you are interested to learn more, and check out the web sites and

Doctor Morris continues on his world tour after visiting Lautoka in April, 2013.

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