Consumers to Benefit from Entry of New Inter Island Airways

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the entry of Inter Island Airways, a new airline company, to stir competition in the domestic aviation sector which is long overdue after the demise of Air Fiji.

It is expected that many consumers will benefit from the new domestic airline by receiving more flight schedules, new destinations and lower fares. It will definitely boost consumer choice. Consumers will have more preferable flight times/days to choose from as there will be an increase in flight schedules.

The new domestic airline will also encourage the exchange of goods and services between outer islands not only on a more regular basis but also at a competitive freight charges and options. The benefits arising out of competitive freight charges will trickle down to consumers who pay for the cost of airfreight when acquiring goods and services in the outer islands.

The Council is also hopeful that with another airline service disruptions will be minimised when planes are taken away for servicing and maintenance which causes inconvenience to consumers and financial loss to businesses.

Domestic air services are vital to Fiji’s development as it is geo-physically made up of islands. While sea transportation has provided the vital links between the islands, air transportation has become equally important particularly in the 21st century where there is much higher demand for faster modes of transport.

Fiji consumers have been paying high domestic airfares for far too long. The Council is keen on seeing a reduction in airfares and improved services with the addition of another airline in the domestic sector.


Premila Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

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