Council Awards schools for environmental practices


By Koki Takano (JICA volunteer)

While the Clean School Program mostly aimed at the environmental awareness raising among young generation, the schools participated in the program have achieved more than the organizers expected.

Ten primary schools in Sigatoka were invited for the awarding ceremony of this whole year program held at the Sigatoka Town Council on 27th of Nov, where all participating schools were recognized for their achievement throughout the year with certificates of participation and prizes.

“It is an effective whole year program for schools to educate students in term of environment and waste management education, so that students can be motivated and even teachers are encouraged by the program” Mr. Ashneel Singh, of Naidovi Primary School teacher mentioned in his speech.

The clean school program (CSP) is a project organized by Sigatoka Town Council, National Trust of Fiji and Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa with the help of Mr. Koki Takano, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA ) .

It is obvious that schools have an important role of educating students with the right concept of achieving a healthy and sustainable environment. Under this concept of the CSP,  Sigatoka Town Council has been working closely with stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, the Department of Environment, OISCA International and JICA since the year of 2012 to introduce 3R centric system to schools. 3R refers to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

In the component of CSP, schools implement practices which contribute to awareness raising and also educate students on waste management as well as teachers. Practices under this component include 1) Environmental Awareness Raising, 2) School Composting and 3) Waste separation and Recycling.

In the beginning of the year of 2014, the schools attended a workshop named “Sigatoka CSP Kickoff Workshop “facilitated by Sigatoka Town Council and their technical partners to introduce 3R practical activities in the program.


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