Council warns Consumers over Soft Drink


The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning consumers not to purchase a soft drink which has been recalled from the shops and canteens.

This warning comes after sixteen students in Savusavu had to seek medical attention after consuming this “soft drink”. This drink is packed in an unusual bottle with a spray cap and the size of the bottle is only 10cm.

This “soft drink” is labeled “Spirit Spray”, which does not comply with the Food Safety Act –2009 and Food Regulation.

This drink carries a label which is in fine prints. The label has no ingredient panel for consumers to know what is in the soft drink. There is no information on the local supplier or distributor.

Local address is not given on the label but the product is from China.

While the Ministry of Health is investigating the matter, the Council is advising consumers not to purchase this product unless Ministry of Health declares it safe. The Council is requesting traders not to sell this product because this drink is not in compliance with the Food Safety Act-2009.

The Council is working closely with the Administrator of Labasa/Savusavu Municipal Council and the Ministry of Health in this regard.

Meanwhile, this product has been recalled from shops and canteens. The Council is requesting consumers to report to the Council or the Ministry of Health if they find this drink being sold in any shop or canteen.

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