Council’s Mobile Services Benefits Consumers

CAPTION: Ashika Singh of Consumer Council Lautoka advises consumers at a mobile unit in Ba. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Consumers continue to make use of the Council’s mobile services as this is a more easy and accessible way for consumers to learn about their rights and responsibilities and at the same time an opportunity to lodge complaints.

This form of awareness is used to assist consumers who cannot visit the Council’s office due to the distance geographical location or transportation problems. So far the Council has carried out 13 mobile units at convenient locations in the central, western and northern division.

During these mobile services consumers seek clarification or advice directly from the offices on issues of concern.  The skills and knowledge obtained at the mobile units empowers consumers to use their money wisely and they become aware of pertinent consumer issues in their area. Consumers also save transportation money by accessing services within their reach.

The Council believes that consumers should not be deprived of their right to consumer education because of difficulties in visiting our offices.

Visits to schools, communities, conducting workshops and setting up mobile units in various locations around the country assist consumers to become empowered and responsible when buying goods and services.

The Council encourages consumers to participate in these services. Women’s Group, Faith Based Organizations, Youth Groups, Ramayan Mandalis, Advisory Councils are encouraged to contact the Council if they would like to have awareness sessions in their communities/areas.


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