Caption: Mr. Anil Senewiratne (Director Marketing Courts (Fiji) Ltd) ,  Naziah Ali Singer brand ambassador (Publisher Mai Life Magazine) and Mr. Ernest Arun Kumar (Owner Blessington Company for Singer) at Courts Mega Samabula .


Courts Fiji Limited signed an agreement in which the company became the major distributor of SINGER brand products in Fiji, where in which the company also signed the deal to release a brand ambassador for SINGER brand products on 5 September 2013.

Present at Courts Mega Samabula outlet were many shoppers, staff and management of Courts together with the Owner of Blessington Company in Australia (Singer), Mr Ernest Arun Kumar and Ms Naziah Ali , Publisher of MaiLife magazine .

The Director of Marketing for Courts Fiji welcomed the Mr Ernest and Ms Ali, and addressed on the SINGER brand history.

“We sell about 2million or more than 2 million units per annum. So we keep on selling sewing machines and what does it say that people are still sewing and we can improve sewing machine skills here in this country that’s the reason we at the pointer with the support of courts as a distributor and Naziah to become as a fashion designer to endorse our product which gives the next level of growing our business in Fiji,” Owner of Blessington Company in Australia (Singer), Mr Ernest Arun Kumar said.

In 1850 Isaac Merritt Singer, an enthusiastic inventor produced the first perpendicular action sewing machine, and in 1851 the company, I.M. Singer & Co. was formed.

In 1889 the first electric sewing machine was produced. By 1890 Singer had sold nine million sewing machines. By 1950/51 Singer had completed 100 years of business operation and by 2000/1 Singer entered its 150th year of business operation and is still the leader in the sewing machine field.

Naziah Ali,the Publisher of MaiLife magazine, Co – chair of Fiji Fashion council, and a fashion designer said,” I would say I was inspired by singer to get into fashion designing because as a young girl I saw my mum always at the sewing machine putting things together and a few times i have broken her sewing machine because I did it the wrong way”.

Meanwhile, today Singer household name over the years has been expanded to appliances. Singer kettles, irons, ironing boards, blenders, food processors, blender with grinder, rice cookers etc making every day busy lives easy to go with. Singer appliances are of real value for money, more affordable and come with a 2 years warranty and are available at Courts Fiji wide.


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