Creative Learning at Holiday School  

Caption: Student enjoys painting. 


Projects Abroad Fiji has started their holiday school in Lautoka and Nadi earlier this week.  Lovu HART located outside of Lautoka is a newly introduced location for Holiday school this term.

A total of eight volunteers look after 40 children who live within the Lovu HART area.

Project Coordinator Ms Mere Gaunavou describes their daily programme.

“The children are treated to a two week programme filled with fun games and activities which keep them occupied and interested in learning,” she shared.

Children participates in reading.

Children participates in reading.

“Response from the children have been overwhelming and it’s so encouraging to see their attendance each day is constant,” she added.

The Nadi Holiday School is based at Nadi Arya Samaj School which caters for 34 children.  Project Coordinator Ms Lily Irene describes their daily lessons.

“Our volunteers provide creative learning activities for the basic subjects such as Maths, English and Geography which has become a success and an advantage for the kids to learn through a different method,” she enthused.

“It has also been a great interchange of cultures between the volunteers and children.  The volunteers shares stories about where they come from which has become an interest for most of the children,” she added.

Projects Abroad usually provide Holiday school programmes during school break for the Nadi and Lautoka children to keep them occupied and interested in learning.

Volunteers Conor & Dominik with children of Lovu HART holiday school in Lautoka.

Volunteers Conor & Dominik with children of Lovu HART holiday school in Lautoka.

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