Cruise firm to educate local on first ever coral replanting

Caption: Captain Cook Cruises Marine Biologist, Elenoa Lawavou (third from right) is flanked by the staffs of Captain Cook Cruises. Photo: SUPPLIED.


Captain Cook Cruises aims to educate locals and tourists on the importance of conserving marine lives as they will be conducting their first ever coral replanting near Tivua Island.

CCC marine biologist, Elenoa Lawavou said the program is believed to educate the locals and the guests who visit the island everyday on the importance of conserving marine lives.

“This is simply to raise awareness on sustaining our livelihoods for our future generation,” she said.

Ms Lawavou said the Island is their frequent daytrip destination, and surveys carried out showed that Tivua Island needed assistance.

“Tivua Island is a frequent daytrip island for Captain Cook Cruises. After the Wantok Moana from the University of the South Pacific first monitored and did a reef check survey in 2011 report showed that there was bit of work required to help the health of the house reef here at Tivua Island.”

“There was another monitoring done two weeks ago on the island and Captain Cook is fortunate to have people like us on their company that can help and assist in conserving the marine resources especially when it deals with the marine environment on everyday basis. Hence doing a coral planting on the island would help repopulate not only the corals but also other marine lives,” she said.

The program is the first ever coral planting project to be done will be conducted this Friday.



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