Caption: First batch of 12 NZ RSE workers with Hon Minister Mr Jioji Konrote and Foreign Employment Service staff.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The first group of twelve (12) Fijians have been selected to represent Fiji under the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work Scheme.

A three-day pre-departure training was conducted this week by the Foreign Employment Service of the Ministry of Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations to prepare these candidates for employment in New Zealand.

The training was conducted in collaboration with Immigration New Zealand, Ministry of Health Fiji and Fiji Police Force. The objective was to build the capacity of the candidates on RSE work requirements, roles and welfare of workers, team bonding, responsibility of the employer, immigration guidelines and other vital aspects on departure, arrival and engagement during the course of their employment.

The 12 candidates were selected by Pick Hawkes Bay Incorporated a major fruit processing company located in Hawkes Bay.  They will be employed for a period of seven (7) months and will return to Fiji on 20th September 2015.

This employer selected three (3) candidates from the Barrel Selection and nine (9) from the Work Ready Pool.  The Work Ready Pool consists of 101 personnel who successfully completed the selection criteria.

The three (3) employers approved by New Zealand to recruit under this Scheme are – Pick Hawkes Bay Inc, East Packand Weingut Seifried Ltd.

The Minister for Employment, Honourable Jioji Konousi Konrote while officially closing the training today, conferred Government’s well wishes to the selected candidates and encouraged them to take advantage of this opportunity to fulfil their goals.

The Minister reminded the candidates that their good performance will open doors to many other Fijians and will determine the future of the Scheme.

The next batch, of 12 workers is expected to depart Fiji on 16th March and the remaining six (6) in the next phase.

The 12 candidates  departed for New Zealand on Saturday 20th February.





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