Did Salman Khan get Priyanka Chopra in legal trouble?

CAPTION:The Don 2 babe who sang her hit single In My City may get sued by the international music label for breach of contract

When Priyanka Chopra went on to add another feather to her cap as a singer-songwriter and signed a contract with an established international record label, we’re sure her fans were quite pleased knowing that they would get to see Pee Cee’s great vocal range. But it seems like Priyanka has signed a deal with the devil or something, considering the actor is not allowed, as per the terms of her contract, to sing for anything else besides her own concerts unless the record company chooses so.

And so, at a recently held awards show, when her new best friend Salman Khan asked her to sing a few lines impromptu, Priyanka readily agreed. (How could she refuse Salman?!) She sang Itni si khushi from Barfi! and her single In my city. But little did she know that singing live at awards shows too is against her contract.

Now we’re surprised because Pee Cee is usually quite a smart, sassy lady and she even confirmed in an interaction with the press about the constraints of the contract, “Of course, I would like to sing for my films, but until my entire album comes out, I am going to refrain from doing so as my contract doesn’t allow me to. I want to focus only on my album right now.” So, clearly Pee Cee was aware!

Then what is it that made Priyanka go against common sense, risking her singing career and the prospect of getting lawfully sued, by agreeing to do what Sallu said? Is she taking his friendship too seriously? Because honestly sweetheart, with all the things that being a Salman friend can bail you out from, lawsuits are something he can do nothing about! Considering his own legal troubles, we guess you would have known better!

Anyway, we hope she won’t land into too much trouble. And if she does, we hope her special Bodyguard friend could help straighten things out… Wink wink!


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