Digicel Money Transfer services handover to KlickEx Pacific


For better delivery and accessibility to its customers, Digicel Fiji is transitioning its remittance service to KlickEx’s New Zealand remittances operation, KlickEx Pacific. 


From October 5th, KlickEx will provide money transfer services to remitters in Australia and New Zealand to transfer money to the Digicel Mobile Money wallets of recipients in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.  Remitters will enjoy easy access to KlickEx’s money transfer service through www.klickexpacific.com and KlickEx’s retail agent network in New Zealand.

Digicel Fiji says that it would continue its commitment to provide affordable communications and services in the Pacific, and work with KlickEx to ensure that its nationwide footprint and financial service expertise continue to drive remittances to the Pacific nations.

Awais Malik, Digicel Asia Pacific’s Chief Commercial Officer reaffirmed Digicel’s commitment to continue facilitating inbound money transfers to the Pacific Islands, noting that remittances from the diaspora in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere are not only a direct benefit to their loved ones in the Pacific nations, but also provide consistent support to the Pacific country economies including in times of global uncertainty.

“I’m delighted that the transition to KlickEx means remitters in New Zealand, Australia and the UK will continue to have access to affordable, reliable money transfers to Digicel subscribers in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.  Digicel will work to ensure senders enjoy greater and more convenient access to money transfer sites so that they can transfer money to their loved ones in the Pacific nations efficiently at minimum cost.”

Any funds already paid to Digicel but not yet remitted will continue to be held in trust by KlickEx on behalf of the remitter’s beneficiaries until the funds are withdrawn by their beneficiaries in the Pacific nations.  Robert Bell, CEO of KlickEx, commented:

“KlickEx has been managing Digicel Money Transfer services on Digicel’s behalf for the past two years; therefore there will be minimal change for Send Money customers.  Personal profiles and sign-in information remains unaffected – and receivers in Samoa, Tonga and Fiji will see no change in how this service is delivered to them. KlickEx is well prepared for a seamless transition. The team is looking forward to the additional responsibilities, and expects to be adding new exciting services too.”

The changing needs of customers and the explosion of smart phones are leading to increased popularity of online and mobile applications for payments and Digicel has continued to make significant enhancements to their services to benefit customers in over 10,000 outlets worldwide.

Meanwhile, New Zealand, Australian, USA and UK residents will continue to be able to purchase Top Up for their family and friends back home in the Pacific, taking advantage of fantastic promotions that can double and triple the recipient’s airtime credit.


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