Digicel provides US $50k for maternity unit upgrading

By SATISH NARAIN of Digicel Fiji

Thursday 5 September – Digicel Fiji will provide US $50,000 to help in a massive refurbishment of the Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s maternity unit ward.

The ante-natal and post-natal wards at the maternity unit will get a major face-lift for the first time in nearly two decades.

“The last time the unit was refurbished was way back in 1995,” said the acting manager nursing of CWMH, Mrs. Qalovakadua.

“The refurbishing will include new paint, renovating floor tiles, treatment room, showers, toilets and also the purchase of new medical equipment and new beds,” added Mrs. Qalovakadua.

Digicel Fiji’s commercial director, Andrew Skelton stated that the CWMH project got the nod from the Digicel Group from close to 100 project proposals that were submitted under major community works.

“I’m very happy to work for a company that supports projects like this. We are also working on engaging fantastic partners like the Carpenters Group, Dulux Paints and Punjas& Sons either through their connections or their direct financial contributions to help supplement and add value to Digicel’s support,” said Skelton.

“We are looking for a full refurbishment of the maternity unit which includes the floor tiles, the plumbing works, the beds and medical equipment,” added Skelton.

He also called on all corporate bodies to give back to the community.

“This is another example of Digicel investing in the community and this isn’t a branding exercise but this will see passionate Digicel employees engaging in this project to ensure a successful outcome. Our employees will paint, clean up the place and this isn’t just restricted to Digicel staff but we’re hoping anyone from the community are welcome to get involved,” said Skelton.

“The challenge for the hospital staff has tripled as they are catering for a lot more women in the maternity ward. This year in January and February 600 mothers delivered, March to June 800 to 900 while last month it reduced to 600,” said Mrs. Qalovakadua.

“We are massively excited to be part of this refurbishment and our expectations back, simply we’d have a brand new maternity unit,” said Skelton.

“The target and the objectives are set out with the Project Officer from the Ministry of Health and the failure of this project will be the unit breaking up after six months or a year,” said Skelton.

We’ve been in discussion for two months and the works are set to start this week and the aim is to finish in six weeks’ time.



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