Digicel staff and brand ambassadors ‘working bees’ at CWM Hospital

By SATISH NARAIN  of Digicel

Saturday 21 September – Digicel Fiji staff turned up in droves and joined hands with prominent brand ambassadors to lend a mighty helping hand in the refurbishment works at the CWM Hospital maternity unit.

The US$50,000 project is part of Digicel’s ‘waves’ program aimed at improving maternal care at the CWM Hospital.

Digicel Fiji’s chief financial officer, Farid Mohammed said,” this is a fantastic way to reach out to the community and give back to the people of the country.”

“I’m delighted that our staff is involved in this project and is feeling part of doing this wonderful service for the community.”CWM Pic

Leading the star attractions at the ‘working bees’ were Digicel Fiji 7s captain to the world cup, LevaniBotia and 7s winger, Benito Masilevu.

They were helped by Digicel Fiji’s brand ambassadors, 2012 Paralympics gold medalist IliesaDelana, Pacific’s fastest man BanuveTabakaucoro and international referee James Bolabiu.

Botia said, “I’m thrilled to be part of this campaign because so many times we take things for granted and it’s an eye-opening exercise for me as we held the community.”

Tabakaucoro echoed Botia’s comments and added, “I hope this doesn’t just stop here and this style of community work needs to spread around with people giving back to the needy.”

The Minister of Health, Dr. Neil Sharma also stopped by to greet the Digicel Fiji staff and their families along with the brand ambassadors.

He was thrilled with the progress of the work at the unit and was full of praise for the initiative taken by Digicel Fiji in refurbishing the maternity unit.



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