DjRitendra Set to Release his Debut Studio Album



Fijian Music Producer, DJ Ritendra will officially be releasing his debut full length studio album named, “Now that you’re gone”.

The album, which will have a total of 10 tracks, is expected to hit the stores in early August as confirmed by DJ Ritendra himself.

The album entirely consists of 10 Songs with every track being produced by Ritendra, a Fijian Disc Jockey, music producer, composer and music director, who will be collaborating with several other singers who would deliver their vocals on his produced tracks.

Speaking to The Jet, Ritendra described his debut album as a dominant to love songs.

“I would say most of the songs in the album are based on love,” he said.

“Love songs are a special of songs which most of the people love to hear.”

When asked about how this idea came up in his mind, he said, “I am a DJ, so I’ve always been known for studying the tracks of other music artists and then remix them all, but someday a thought just stucked in my mind of making my own original music independently, and here I am.”

The album will be released under the record label Lewavesi Productions, co-founded by Ritendra, with the main genre being, EDM and Electro Pop.

The album’s subjectivity would focus on the Love theme and would emphasize on the diversified emotions expressed.

DJ Ritendra has been a prominent figure in Fiji’s EDM and Electro Pop music scene and with him now finally releasing his debut studio album, he looks all set to announce his arrival in the Fiji Music industry in a stunning fashion.

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