Doctors, Celebrity and Enunch spread the Aids Awareness on World AIDS Day “HIV GO AWAY”


Caption:Dr Edward, Meghna Patel, J Brandon Hill, Abhishel Avasthi, Dr Sunita Dube, AAnchal Munjal With Harish At World AIDS Day Event.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Since 1998, World AIDS Day has been recognized on December 1st. The mission of World AIDS Day has been to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of the HIV infection. Organizations working with groups vulnerable to HIV/AIDS came together on December 1st for an event organized by the Chairperson of MedscapeIndia Dr. Sunita Dube to commemorate World AIDS Day 2014.

This year, many people, including Doctors, Celebrities and Enunch (hijras) come forward to raise the awareness on World AIDS Day.  B-Town celebrities like Meghna Patel, Abhishek Avasthi, Aanchal Munjal and Harish are sparing out time from their hectic schedules and bringing this issue into the limelight.  Actress Meghna Patel said, “it’s really a very sensitive issue and I think it should be handle in a very proper way.

I am here to pledge and to support this initiative.” Dr.  Sunita also launched an HIV screening test which aims to conduct for 10000 Eunuchs across city as hijras are disproportionately affected by HIV in this country and around the world.

India has been a leader by placing them prominently in its national response. Aanchal Munjal said, “World AIDS Day make us remember that prevention is better than cure”.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Sunita Dube, affirmed the importance of these populations to the national HIV prevention strategy Dr. Sunita said, “There are many things that you can do to help raise awareness and support for the global campaign to end AIDS. This Day can’t be complete without discussing the plight of the Hijra community a Non Recognition of their gender identity in the society.

We surely would like to make a difference to their lives through our various initiatives for them”.

Amrita is a transgender who has faced challenges said “Highly motivated with this initiative .we are going to participate in the awareness and our entire community will  support this initiative  who is doing wonderful work for us. we are neglected in all mean health, education or work. lack of job and knowledge we get involve in unsafe sex and get this HIV.”

Abhishek Avasthi said “Dr. Sunita Dube has started a very good initiative in medical filed by giving importance to every community including Enunch to protect and prevent them from HIV”.

MedscapeIndia spreads HIV awareness along with doctors and celebrities. Celebrities has shown their eradicate support in the HIV Awareness. The main theme of the campaigns on World AIDS Day and throughout the year is “HIV GO AWAY” The programme’s major achievements have been to recognize the diversity of sexual minorities in India and to develop a vital partnership with government to address HIV and improve the lives of these groups.  others who were present at the event are Geetika, J. Brandon Hill and Sarah Abramyan.


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