Donation Campaign a Success for Maum Meditation Members in South Korea Who Donated Award Winning Book by Woo Myung, Founder of Maum Meditation, to US Libraries

Lauded by many for its simple yet profound message, Woo Myung’s latest book “Stop Living in This Land, Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever” has received many accolades this year.

They include 3 eLit Gold Awards, 1 IPPY Gold award, Award Winner in 2 categories for the National Indie Excellence Awards, and Poetry Award winner for the International Book Awards.

In addition, the Eric Hoffer Award named Woo Myung’s book as a category finalist and first runner up for e-book non-fiction. This book was also named as a finalist for the Montaigne Medal and a finalist in 2 categories for the Indie Book Awards.

Woo Myung, bestselling author and founder of Maum Meditation, has over 10 published books to date. Recently, many of his works have been translated into English and other languages from his native Korean.

The author’s biggest fans in South Korea are sharing his latest book, “Stop Living in This Land, Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever” with the world.

“As members of Maum Meditation, we saw this as a great opportunity to help spread teacher Woo Myung’s message on the oneness of who we all truly are. Because Maum Meditation changes the human mind to the infinite universe mind, such change is real, not theoretical or conceptual.

People who do Maum Meditation stop thinking and take action instead – action to give, to serve, to help others,” says Na Young Kim, a Maum Meditation member.

The action of giving is far reaching.

Ms. Kim continued, “America has many great values and ideas with such a diverse population. One of the things we admire about America is the culture of donating.”

It is not uncommon for a wide range of people from the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to donate money, to a small charter school in Idaho Falls, ID whose students who collected and donated shoes.

This culture of giving is also spreading throughout South Korea. Many stars including Psy of “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” fame are also taking action to help others. Last month, Psy exchanged tweets with Bill Gates regarding Psy’s action to help eradicate polio.

“Historically, South Korea has received help from the US in a variety of ways. We wanted to give back in some way. We knew we wanted to share this amazing book with our friends in America. So a bunch of us got together one day to brainstorm.

Someone mentioned that the US has a great library system and that if we donated teacher Woo Myung’s books to the libraries there, it would give people from diverse backgrounds a chance to read what teacher Woo Myung has to say,” says Ms. Kim.

And thus the Donation Campaign was born.

Avid readers and fans mobilized to purchase and send the books to libraries in the US. Since the commencement of the donation campaign in 2012, over 12,000 libraries across the US began to receive “Stop Living in This Land, Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever”and many have accepted the books for circulation.

So far, over 3,000 libraries in the US have the book in circulation with many additional libraries continuing to add it to their circulation each week.

For any donated books that are not added to the libraries’ collections for circulation, they are then handed over to the Friends of the Library (FOL). FOL sells any books that have been donated by the public whose proceeds will then benefit the library.

“Knowing that the books are being put to good use makes us very happy. Hopefully, they will be added to the circulation, but if not, knowing that the proceeds derived from the sale by FOL will help the libraries is a great thing. Either way, it’s a win-win situation,” says Ms. Kim.

The donation campaign is still ongoing with the number of libraries carrying Woo Myung’s book steadily rising. From big city libraries like the New York Public Library, to well-known universities like Georgetown, many are getting the opportunity to read about teacher Woo Myung’s words of wisdom and well-being.

The response has also been very positive with many libraries sending thank you cards and letters to the donors of the books and also well wishes to Author Woo Myung in his endeavors to promote peace.

Ms. Kim states, “In addition to this donation campaign, Maum Meditation actively participates in a wide array of community services including providing free medical care to the needy and elderly, trash pickups along Korea’s many hiking trails, and oil spill cleanups. We hope our actions will inspire others to change from the false mind of self to the true mind of oneness and coexist with the world.”

About Cham Books
Cham Books was established in the US in 2011 and publishes books about wisdom and well-being. Cham Books publishes books in English and other languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

About Maum Meditation
Maum Meditation, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1996 by teacher Woo Myung who developed a 7-step method of subtraction to change the human mind to the infinite universe mind and reach human completion. More than 300,000 people thus far have practiced Maum Meditation in nearly 350 centers around the world.


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