The bid to reduce diabetes figures in Fiji can be easily achieved if the public is aware of their sugar levels through testing at health centres across the country.

The large number of untested individuals is alarming which has prompted the Health Ministry to reiterate calls to the public to test their sugar levels at diabetes hub centres across the country.

Fiji’s Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma is now calling on all Fijians around the country to test sugar levels at any of these hub centres that were launched recently to prevent diabetes.

He said the hub centres are not only providing testing services but will include various services and facilities such as therapy sessions with dieticians, dental, physiotherapy, eye screening, sugar levels check and foot care.

“Diabetics can lead to blindness, kidney failure, Heart attack, limb complications and amputation. Diabetics screening is done free at Hub centres on Tuesdays and Thursdays and people should make use of it. Anyone can walk in and have their sugar level tested with instant results,” Dr Sharma said.

Symptoms of diabetics includes frequent passing of urine, excessive thirst, loss of weight, cuts/bruises are taking long to heal and extreme fatigue.

People, whose family members have diabetics and those who are obese, are also encouraged to come forward for screening.

“People need to carefully monitor their diet intake if they want to live a healthier life. Eat lots of local fruits and vegetables, reduce meat and carbohydrate intake and dedicate half an hour daily for physical activity. This can come in form of walking, swimming and backyard gardening,” Minister Sharma said.

The Ministry is also advising people to limit alcohol consumption and stop smoking.

“The fight against such diseases cannot be adequately addressed by Government alone so it is important that the public play its part in this fight against Non-Communicable Diseases,” Dr Sharma said.

Editors note: The list of hub centres in the country: 


·         Labasa Hospital- Hospital Road, Labasa

·         Lautoka Hospital – Lautoka Hospital Road, Lautoka

·         Suva diabetic hub centre – Waimanu Road, opposite the Maternity Unit hospital 



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