The Ministry of Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations has cautioned employers to adhere to disciplinary procedures of dismissal stipulated under the Employment Relations Promulgation (ERP) 2007, before considering dismissal of any worker.

This follows the Ministry recording a  high number of dismissal cases, classified as unfair, during the first half of the year.

The Minister for Employment, Hon Jioji Konrote states that termination of employment contracts without justified reasons and written advice to a worker is unlawful.

“Dismissal must be pursued within the ambit of the labour laws.  Under Section 114 of the ERP 2007, an employer is required to provide a worker, a written statement advising the reasons for dismissal.  This includes provisions of Summary Dismissal under Section 33 of the ERP 2007,” the Minister said.

However, the Ministry says that dismissal should be the very last resort taken by an employer.  Employers are urged to first, utilize their internal disciplinary procedures and provide effective counselling for performance improvements.

The Minister urges employers to engage workers in good-faith employment relations to reduce worker grievances and boost workplace productivity.

Similarly, workers are encouraged to perform their duties with utmost diligence and integrity to develop and maintain a healthy working environment.

A worker who believes the internal grievance procedure has been exhausted and is unfairly dismissed, discriminated, sexually harassed, disadvantaged, or is being forced to join or not to join a trade union, may lodge their employment grievance at any of the Ministry’s district offices in Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Labasa, Savusavu or Suva.

For better understanding of the labour laws the Ministry offers employers and workers training on the relevant laws. Employers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce workplace grievances and increase productivity and profit. The contact person is Ms Devina Rao, Senior Training Officer – Ph 3303500 extension 174 or via email devina.rao@govnet.gov.fj  orcallcentre@labour.gov.fj



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