Empowered Youths Ready To Combat Domestic Violence


Participants and Facilitators of the Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women and Girls and Understanding Basic Human Rights Workshop for Youths

Violence against women and girls is a global pandemic and it is a moral affront to all women and girls and to us all, a mark of shame on all our societies, and a major obstacle to inclusive, equitable and sustainable development.

These were remarks made by Broderick Mervyn, President of Ignite4Change at the Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women and Girls and Basic Human Rights Youth Workshop organised by Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre in partnership with Ignite4Change at the Tanoa Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka from 28th January – 1st February, 2019.

“At its core, violence against women and girls in all its form is the manifestation of a profound lack of respect – a failure by men to recognize the inherent equality and dignity of women. It is an issue of fundamental human rights.” Mervyn added.

The workshop targeted 30 youths residing in the Western Division and the objective of this workshop was to understand the gender power relations and its link to violence against women and girls in Fiji.

“As President of this youth – led organisation, I wish to acknowledge Shamima Ali, Coordinator of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and the organisers for making this workshop possible.” Mervyn stated.

Mervyn firmly believes that this workshop has empowered the participants to rise and take up the challenge to combat domestic violence in Fiji.
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